This is a small guide on how to assemble Monsieur Adaptateur. You can, of course, skip this small guide, however, there are some assembly hints which you probably didn't knew!

Required Tools

You need the following tools for the kit assembly:

  • Soldering Iron and solder
  • Two pliers
  • Side cutter
  • A screwdriver (PH0)
  • Optional: Wrench or Hex Nuts (6mm and 8mm)
  • Optional: Painter's Tape

Terminal Block Assembly

Insert the terminal block and fixate it using painter's tape. Turn around and solder the terminal block.


Oscilloscope / Alligator Clip Assembly

Use the pliers to straighten the 1mm wire. This requires a bit of force, but the wire will be pretty straight afterwards. Cut it into 2 pieces of approx. 4cm (1.5 inches). Bend the two clips and insert the tubes. Fixate using painter's tape and solder. Optional: Cut excess wire.


0.1" Header Assembly

Insert one header at a time and fixate using painter's tape, then solder.

Blade Connectors

Insert one connector at a time, fixate using painter's tape and solder. Note that those are a bit tricky and they may easily be not straight – another method is to solder just one leg, and use pliers while the solder is molten to get the blade connector straight.

DC Connector

Insert the DC connector and fixate using painter's tape. This one is also a bit tricky if you want nice alignment – soldering only one leg to check the alignment is a good idea.

BNC Connector

Insert the BNC connector and carefully turn the board upside down. Solder one pin into place, then press the BNC connector while re-heating the solder. This should align the connector with the board. Solder the other pin and the two mounting pins. Note that the mounting pins need quite some heat to give mechanical stability.

2mm and 4mm banana plugs

Remove the washers and nuts from the connectors. Insert one plug into the PCB. Use a serrated washer and a nut to fixate the plug. You can also use an additional, regular washer above the serrated washer to give better contact. Be careful not to overtighten the nut, because this can damage the connector and the PCB. Don't worry about the gap between the PCB and the serrated washer – it's normal that there's a little gap.

Final Assembly

You may use Isopropanol to clean the residue of the solder flux if you aren't using no-clean solder. Use the pan head screws to mount the PCB onto your case. Congratulations!

Monsieur Adaptateur